Friday, April 24, 2009

lamp shades and Hume Cottage

Just thought I would show you 2 lampshades that are going to be delivered to Lucinda at Hume Cottage on Tuesday as well as a few other goodies including showercaps made from cuppie cake fabric!

Well tommorrow is ANZAC day and a good day to reflect and remember, as of late I have thought alot about a few soldiers that used to come into the cafe I worked at in Mosman I pray they are all safe..

We are having a family day and going to Taralga Dave and I adore it there so I will post pics for sure til then I only have my lamps to show

have a great weekend



Vic xxxx

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thanks to a lovely ladies

I just wanted to take the time to thank and show gratitude to a few lovely gals who have helped us, inspire and are like fairy floss!!!! (LOVE THAT STUFF)

First and foremost the lovely Lucinda at hume cottage, for your endless kindness and just for being you, your friendship is valued more than you realise! now get back to work HAHAHHA

The the wonderful Shannon Thompson - you crack me up and are like sunshine ..thanks for the cuppies!!!

Gail McCormack... you and your hubby inspire us and show what can be done and you can live your dreams thank you!

And last but not least Sarah from Shabby Roses and Pretty Things.... your energy is boundless as is your support (oh btw dont forget to watch find my family.. haha this is your reminder!!!)

The world would be a less sunny a place without you girls... keep shining like the DIVAS you are

Im not sure if the links worked to these ladies blogs but you should really check em out I'm still getting the hang of this!

So after that I'm off I have a few cut out projects on the floor and I'm really such a blessed woman to have crossed paths with such amazing souls

I usually get up every morning and go through what I am grateful for so I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you.. hubby and I live by the law of attraction.. like attracts like... or
what you think about you bring about... anyone seen the secret? the more postive you put out the more you get back.... trust me on this one!

Anyway I best be going or I'll start off again
love and light to you all
Vic xxxx

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hi all

just wanted to share a few new items that we got for our kids website

Dave and I are really proud of our site (we are building it ourselves) and the high quality products we have, we are working on forming our own brand we also have lovely stuff for mum and dad (but i gotta take pics of them so i better get off my butt and do it)

the little wooden coat hangers are fab i'm gonna get some for Lily

I also ordered a cat pyjama bag so i can't wait for that to come in we currently have a cow and sheep in stock

WE have also made a decision to launch our Shabby stuff... some will have some on the kids site for kids and we may get a separate website in the future) BUT we are proud to say our items will be available at Lucindas I have 2 lampshades made for her so i will put picks up of them tommorrow

I better run I have to catch up on hells kitchen.. wow gotta lllooovvveeee Gordon

brightest blessings

Vic xxxx

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A little blessing

WELLL hellooo just a quick note before I go to bed... I'm really tired

Today was an exciting day for us... we had our little girl Lily baptised at St Stephens church Mittagong. It was a lovely service and she was such a good little girl.

I just wanted to share a snap of us with the minister.. Lily looks upset and I look a mess HAHAHAHAHAHA but its all good.... but daddy is a silver fox!!!!!
We had a great day with only 11 of us.. all I can say is BRING ON HER BIRTHDAY!! that'll be the doozie!!!!

Oh I made this cake too.. I'm quite chuffed with it.

Hope you all have a wonderful week

Brightest Blessings to you all

Vic xxxx

Friday, April 10, 2009

finally it's finished!!!

Hi Girls and Hubby!

This is a few pics of a lamp I started on over a year ago... I put it aside once Lily was born and with the demands of the shop I had no time for it... SO I dug it out and decided it's time had come!

Its quite big about 6ocm across and I found it by a roadside (it's slightly off centre and was a little damaged BUT with a little persuasion came into some sort of shape... I adore that its not perfect)...

the base of the lamp has been an old friend for as long as i have been around.. we had it when I lived with mum and I swiped it for my bedroom and then later when I moved out to go and live with Dave (ahahaha mum wanted to throw it out... see being a pack rat can be good!)

Side view

Front view

ANNNYYYWWAAAAYYYY..... the panels on the shade are hand sewn in in a fabric I fell in love with .. I got a stunning floral braid and embellished it with some flowers and chandelier crystals I had... I know the shade looks a little small to balance the length of the base BUT I kinda like it this way.. it reminds me of a parasol and that 2 objects that aren't perfect can be fused together to form a great piece.

I'm really pleased with the result... I'm keeping this one due to the fact the base has been in my family for so long.... BUT I ... well *cough cough* hubby found a box full of lamps and lampshades so I will have them up for sale soonish... My little girl is a great helper and loves playing with the trims and flowers... ahahaha she's a girlie girl!

Well I better go and get cracking on more stuff...

Hope you all have a fab Easter


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reclaiming of the sewing room

Hi everyone

I hope your having a great week and enjoying the rain.. well we are anyway.. it does our garden good (also love the sound of the rain on our tin roof) ANNNNDDDDD even better given us the chance to move smoked damaged stuff into our storage shed and RECLAIM my sewing room/studio.... all I can hear is the sound of singing angels and see a great white light.... aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! (in the angelic singing way) we have found so many lost treasures it feels like being reunited with old friends and my creative juices are pumping so much my veins are gonna pop!!!!!!

I am currently finishing off a lampshade for us BUT I will also start on a few more that will be available to purchase as well as the shower caps and a few goodies

SOOO be warned!!!

no piccies with this post but i have to run I'm cooking a lamb shanks and earthy style vegies in a paella dish..hmmmm lots of garlic, tomato paste and herbs

brighest blessings to you all
Vic xxxx
ps Hubby and I are starting to do small catering jobs - eg Silver Teapot Style high tea in your garden.. with our furniture so if you kinda live close and are interested let me know