Friday, August 20, 2010

A few pics

Hi Everyonne
just wanted to share a few pics from around my home
hope you like them
have a wonderful weekend
my fav lamp..well one of them
love the chippy smoke damaged vase
a little nook with my adored lustreware swan
my attempt at faux cupcakes and display...not finished yet lol
a cupboard that I adore
                                                       Our hallway

Friday, August 6, 2010

an article an article

hi everyone,
how are you all?
Im half frozen in the office as I write this but I'm very chuffed and excited!!!
here is a READABLE copy of the article on me that was in the Southern Highlands post on Wednesday!!
wooo hooo!!
and I have even got a few messages out of it.. wow huh?!
hope you enjoy it! and i apologise for not being around much.. LOTS going on here!!!!!
Hopefully i will get a chance to sit with a cuppa and some peanut butter cookies (yup i crave em sooo yummy) and catch up on what your all up too
til then
love to you!
Vicki xxxx