Monday, November 23, 2009

My lonnnggg over due makeover

Hi Everyone
just a quick post today
I have been wanting to finishe this for ages and finally i bit the bullet and did...

I then added some white organza ribbon... cut too short i think!

ahh thats better long organza ribbon in pale blue and pink! Im thinking of adding organza rose buds to the ribbons.. pink of course what are your thoughts?

A few blogs back well many actually I restore this from the fire BUT she is finally finished or maybe its a he? I love it anyway!

well have go and cook dinner be back soon
love n kisses
Vic xxxx
ps posting more pics soon xxxx

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updating a window

Ok so I set myself a challenge!
to see if i could update our kitchen window and see if i could get away with only spending a small amount of money.. OK baack track a bit to bring you up to speed...Dave and I are now FINALLY renovating our house and I have to say its not come soon enough BUT we really didnt have the time. (im sick of the dark colours, and saying ohhh one day! ONE DAY HAS COME LOL and well i believe you can do a really nice job on a budget..and with things you have around the house or get a garage sales and ebay)...Now I am home full time and after walking away (by our choice) from a new shop... I decided our home will be our shop!! wooo hoooo
ANYWAY I dont have any old pics of the window BUT here is phase one!
let the prettifying begin!!!!!!

I purchased some CHEAP curtain fabric and the rest was found around the house and in my studio, found a few flowers and armed with saftey pins, pearls and beaded fringe i was off!

I will be working on this slowly over the coming days as I have a few things on at the moment... will post pics as I progress

Please ignore the messy state of my kitchen..I took these pics at night so the fabric looks more shiney than it is anyway once the kitchen is painted and I finish they I tink they will look pretty good!

well better go have to get Lily some breakfast

love to you all
Vic xxxx

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Faux lollipops

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to show my kinda newish line, Faux Lollipops!
They are in a variety of flavours..

They will be available on our website and ebay later tonight or tommorrow and yup they have their own cello bag. great for christmas huh?
hope you like them

much love to you all
Vic xxxx

Friday, November 6, 2009

A new title..well back to the old one

hi everyone

just a quick note to let you know that I havent gone to Siberia, or joined the French Foreign legion, I have decided to go back to my original blog name...

The reason for this is that it creates continuity with my business and identity and I will be promoting The Silver Teapot online now
I also have lost the fear I had when our cafe burnt down (we had funny phone calls threats etc but im not going to even think of it.. I dont have any bad feelings towards anyone infact i have found Im indifferent to them) and must say have felt sooo much better lately (we had a look at a shop and I decided on my own terms that we would just be online for now) I want to devote time to our daughter and husband and be a wife for a whie and its not fair to put Lily through the long days.

Anywayyyy better go and keep working on this
loooooooove to you all
Vic xxx