Saturday, July 24, 2010

a new blog a new beginning

Hi Everyone,
just a quick note to let you know I have started up a pumpkernickle kids blog that will show news and new products! heres the link thanks to everyone who has said I should share more of my creations I really hope its a new start, we have had a rough trot lately (wont go into details I dont want to focus on the negative anymore) so I am hoping this is a fresh start!!!!! new products new logos (yes we still have the silver teapot im running both there will be new stuff there also xxx)

I am currently running a competition of my "like page on facebook and giving away 4 little hair clips! the are non slip 4.5cm long alligator clips (choose from the pictured designs on Pumpkernickles blog)  if you have facebook enter here!!!!


just simply become a follower of Pumpkernickle Kids and your name will be put into the famous fishbowl.... competition closes on July 31st MIDNIGHT Australian  time and winners will be drawn the next morning (I cant stay up like I used too hahahahaha) you will be notified via a message or i will leave a note on your blog! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Dont forget to tell your friends!!! and for those of you who dont have little girls? remember they make great presents!!!

I am adding to the range all the time so check back and dont forget to follow my blog! thanks so much
this gives you an idea.... I hope!!!  lol
love to you all and have a beautiful weekend
Vicki xxxx

Thursday, July 15, 2010

new work and some other work

Hi everyone
I am just doing a quick post today.. yes I promised about my secrets revealed thing but i don't know where to start! BUT i wanted to share some of my work with you... I have been doing a whole lot of soul searching.. more on that later....

BUT I must mentions I had the most amazing morning tea with fellow shabby girls at Hume Cottage, I have to swipe some pictures from them as my camera had flat batteries...
I just wanted to let them know they made my week and with the loving and supportive and very very talented creative energy I felt i have been inspired ever since.. I FINALLY made a facinator/hairclip I have wanted to for ages but never thought I could.. here is the result I hope you like it!
ALSO I tend to hold back alot of my work so I don't offend or upset anyone for be told I'm copying... I interpret things differently and have my own spin and style like everyone else, and also like may of you... *glares at those girls* HAHAHAHA.. you know who you are.. I don't think my work is good enoughhere are some little hair clips I made my daughter a while back but been to scared to show..
I will be making them to sell.. it's a snap decision and I will stick to it so I don't chicken out... lol... I just have to sort out a logo and packaging I'm pretty fussy so I have to just do it and that's it.
anyway thanks to you all who have shown support... it was a gift to meet you!
better go
much love n kisses