Thursday, July 15, 2010

new work and some other work

Hi everyone
I am just doing a quick post today.. yes I promised about my secrets revealed thing but i don't know where to start! BUT i wanted to share some of my work with you... I have been doing a whole lot of soul searching.. more on that later....

BUT I must mentions I had the most amazing morning tea with fellow shabby girls at Hume Cottage, I have to swipe some pictures from them as my camera had flat batteries...
I just wanted to let them know they made my week and with the loving and supportive and very very talented creative energy I felt i have been inspired ever since.. I FINALLY made a facinator/hairclip I have wanted to for ages but never thought I could.. here is the result I hope you like it!
ALSO I tend to hold back alot of my work so I don't offend or upset anyone for be told I'm copying... I interpret things differently and have my own spin and style like everyone else, and also like may of you... *glares at those girls* HAHAHAHA.. you know who you are.. I don't think my work is good enoughhere are some little hair clips I made my daughter a while back but been to scared to show..
I will be making them to sell.. it's a snap decision and I will stick to it so I don't chicken out... lol... I just have to sort out a logo and packaging I'm pretty fussy so I have to just do it and that's it.
anyway thanks to you all who have shown support... it was a gift to meet you!
better go
much love n kisses


  1. Hey there Vicki!
    Thanks so much for comming & meeting us for morning tea! I am so glad that you have taken the girls advice & showing off your pretties.
    I love your hairclips & having girls this is something I am quite versed in!!! I think the hairbands & elastics breed at our kidding! I know your things will sell like hot cakes, like everything else you personally make it will be stamped with your personal touch & made with great pride & workmanship.
    Happy selling!

  2. They are lovely Vic - Go for it !!

    Hugs - Fee XXX

  3. Hi looking around on Facebook's networked blogs, I have many silver you caught my eye. Nice to meet you.