Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sharing secrets, we all win

Hi everyone
just a note to you all, to let you know that ihave decided to share a few of the secrets that we had at The Silver Teapot, that made us so special.

I was told once that to withhold knowledge wasn't great and i think eveyone is entitled to know and have lovely things and experiences.

I have given away a few tricks in the past to select few.. with great success ... but now I have decided to release them to you all so we can all enjoy them, i feel it is only fair. My dream is to write a book to help people have lovely things ON A BUDGET! but as far as publishing goes? I havent the foggiest idea where and how to start.. I do however have scrap books full of things, sketches and ideas
It doesn't seem I will be opening a shop anytime soon as I have mentioned but my ideas keep evolving and changing.... they have changed alot since the shop burnt down.. so to share those we had in the shop.... I feel im ready too

anyway I am currently looking at things to share with you all, I had great encouragment from Mandii at shabby dreaming after putting it out there on our facebook fan page The-Silver-Teapot

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do
much love
Vic xxxx
ps I should start posting on a regular basis.. well I hope to hahaha


  1. Hi Vicki,
    Sorry I missed your last post.
    Bugger about your council, however there are plenty of people out there that have websites to show their pretty wares.

    Oh, I can't wait to read all about your secrets and the knowledge you have to share.

    How did the Dr's visit go? Is that babe growing nicely?
    Happy Creating,
    Keep your chin up,

  2. babe the silver T-pot was special coz of you!! You have an eye for detail that is truely amazing!! You will have your shop again one day when the time is right, until then kick butt with your website cox it's FAB just like you!!

  3. There are ways of getting around these things, I'm sure you'll work it out....sounds like you're on the right track already.
    Good luck with it all

    Really looking forward to reading about Your secrets - that's very generous of you

    take care, Gail xx