Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peace and serenity

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to show you what I have been doing around the house.. I have gone nuts buying cheap vintage drapes and curtains... my challenge to do things on a budget continues and I am pleased with the results thus far!!!!
I got a vintage lamp and drapes for our bedroom ... the stool is the one I restored and a few replaced bits and pieces and you have the results in these pics (sorry no before pics didnt think to take em DOH!!)
Add a vintage floral hat and a dress....
I have also just filled up a few vases with some vintage flowers and I love the effect... I cant wait to start to repaint and freshen the place up
I have gone mad cleaning and reoganising and decluttering.... its been great and well the place feels a hell of alot better!! you can now see our wonderful items and the takcy things we still love but dont fit in have been loving restored and might make an appearance elsewhere one day!

Hope you like the photos, I have to get moving as there is a high tea at Hume Cottage on Saturday and Im playing with things to take there... hope I get them done, but we are slowly getting there!! woo hoooo

til next time

Love and kisses