Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bread box... from beast to beauty

Hi everyone
just a quick blog today...
I found a bread box a while back at a garage sale its was.. ready for it?.. are you sitting down? grab your cup of coffee or tea and put it down on the desk...... 20 cents!!!!! yup you got that one right 20 cents.. so I grabbed it and ran.. after a good clean with hot soapy water then tea tree oil spray I made.. it feels a little more loved and MUCH less dirty
I also found a small door knob at the same sale... in the free bin! how could you give away a gem like that? I couldnt but anyway everyone is different
so here are a few pics of before and after.. well sort of i got into the painting faster than i thought to photograph it hahaha

   anyway I think its really sweet and it does the job..
when i rolled the door up and down (it was stuck so i rubbed those bits of soap you have no use for on the tracks and YIPPEE it rolls) i got a bit of an aged effect... sometimes the best things come from accidents... don't you find?

oh we needed it cause our puddy tat was chewing on the bread ... didnt think cats liked bread but hey!
hope your having a great week
I have lots of things going at the moment so stay tuned! including a beroom chair....
love to you all
Vic xxxx

Friday, March 26, 2010

Show and Tell Friday... now (wrought iron) screening!!!

Hi Everyone
Wow its Friday again I can't believe how fast it sems to come around..
I have to say.. and well blame (and thank) Cindy at My Romantic Home for creating my new addiction hahaha I love it!!!!! and the comments have been wonderful THANK YOU XXXXXX
anyway.. I had this stunning wrought iron screen in our cafe, I had little fairy lights on it and it lit up so beautifully.. but as some of you know we lost our cafe to a fire  (2 years this coming November) and we saved alot of things I think many would have thrown out... "just in case" and hope they may come in use one day.. I couldnt bring myself to redo them then sell them.. they had been through so much and I wanted to keep them safe... yeah yeah silly  I know BUT.....I have started to revive them and the uses they have are increaing, I have to toss a coin... and ideas are fast and furious with presenting themselves.

Burnt and very sad looking
detailed top of the screen
I had hoped it would rust but it stated black
the bones are still great...I still loved it
after a clean and paint....
the bubbles and blisters of the heat become features
rather than blemishes and scars that where once reveared,
har to look at and a reminder of a horrific event

now has a new lease on life,
and has become a wonderful new centerpiece a focal point of our balcony
and MUCH more loved than ever before

So there you have it... I am sooo thrilled with the result it isnt funny, I have also learnt that as I restore these things and find uses for them, I fall in love with them more than I ever did. I am so glad I didnt get rid or pass them off as a waste... its very very healing and hey my house is starting to really take shape with it.
I love knowing I have unique pieces and one of a kinds.. don't you? PLUS saves money... that's before the satisfaction of doing it sets in! I find it addictive at the moment

Thanks for taking the time to read up on my shannanigans.. have a beautiful week everyone
til next Friday
Vic xxxx
ps never disgard or right off something you have... keep it for a day, look at it a new way, you'll find another use and have the thrill of it again it once gave you xxxx

Thursday, March 25, 2010

disgarded stuff make great planters....and a sneaky peak

                                         Hi Everyone
just a quick note and some pics to show some stuff I have found around the house and made them into planters..yup I'm going nuts and I'm happy with the result... isnt improving your surrundings and renovating fun and great therapy?
SO my quest continues hahaha even a tired old cane bike planter got a lovely addition and came in handy

and thats it for today.. I'm working on my show and tell Friday so here is a sneaky peak
a wrought iron screen that was badly burnt in the cafe fire.....
thanks to everyone who commented on my chairs.. I was very humbled and chuffed
til tommorrow
have a beautiful day
Vic xxx

Friday, March 19, 2010

Show and Tell Friday... gotta love a Bargin

Hi lovely ladies
I just wanted to share a revamp I did yesterday afternoon, so I thought I would add it too Cindy from My Romantic Home's  Show and Tell Friday.. I'm actually really enjoying participating in this and think of things during the week you may like to read and what id like to share

I got these 3 chairs from ebay.. a steal at $20 for the 3.. and I went to Bunnings (a hardware store) and got A STAPLE GUN wow am I sooo chuffed or what? So this is my first time recovering like this.... (so I thought i'd give it a go... bite the bullet and get over my fear lol oh...and I got tired of looking at the drab fabric that was covering them...)
I had some pretty rose  fabric I had squirreled away for about forever...I know you have them too.. dont you? ya know the fabric you find that you can't live without BUT have no idea what your going to do with?

here are the chairs before!.. hate the grubby fabric... makes the chairs look tired

With the seat off, 1 down 2 more to go....
Gotta love those staples...
Waiting for the new covers the dry.. I sprayed them with lavender water.. gets out creases
and smells yummy
FINISHED... not professional looking but Im happy with the result!

SO there you go... 2 hours later give or take a few minutes, and I have a new look that I love, so much better and ALOT more clean looking....  NOW  I have to go and find some more fabric stasted somewhere for the smoke damaged boudoir chair i have airing on the verandah...

take care everyone and have a beautiful weekend

Vic xxxx
ps thanks to all the ladies who left such kind comments for me! xxxx

Friday, March 5, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Hi Everyone,
this is the first time I have participated in this kinda thing so please be kind hahaha

First of all I would like to thank Cindy from My Romantic Home for thinking up the idea...and allowing us to add our little world to hers....

and soooo without any further waiting here goes... *whew*

Lately I have been really getting into the garden and getting my hands dirty.... and elbows, knees, clothes...face.. you get the idea! Anyway I have been thinking of alternative ways to use my household things
instead of the traditional pots for my plants and well I just want it to look a bit different.. (it's a work in progress...and here are a few pics of my verandah)

and here is what I have come up with ...enjoy!

A fire damaged birdcage and lavender tin...rustic and rusty for a lovely rose

An old wicker basket, spray painted Antique white... a new home for a colourful array for Bergonias

A iron basket, tin and bucket teamed with a wicker basket mixed with pots for a bit of diversity, and to mix it up a bit...I'm really loving Azaleas right now... oh and Roses and Petunias

On my kitchen windowsill, just a small bucket with a succulent and an old vintage tin thingy with a Bergonia
add a bit of a rustic look

The more fire damaged birdcages have a new lease on life... I love the way they sit in a quiet unison with the other hanging baskets

And finally, the chandeliers that once proudly lit up our cafe, once more used to add a dappled rainbow in the sunlight so healing to seem the in a place of pride again and not wasted

Putting these two up was almost like seeing old friends again... I love watching the morning sun catch this one and the afternoon in the other.. the light comes into my dining area and living room.. my little girl things they are "so pretty" the rainbows are just so lovely and you get the purity of a child for a second or two...

well that's my little world of gardening, and hopefully you have enjoyed reading my first post to show and tell Friday.. and the glimpse into my world...I hope I may have inspired and got you thinking into using just things you have to create a lovely place in your garden.. I actually sit out there more now.. and its nice to stop and smell the roses....

Have a fantastic weekend everyone
Vic xxxx


The winner for our FIRST give away is... Suzy Q!!!

Congrats Suzy.. could you kindly email me your address so I can post off your prize

Thanks everyone for enetering I have decided to do another give away soon due to the response!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Suzy's prize
lots of love

Monday, March 1, 2010

My first giveaway!!!

OK girls....
here is what you will be winning.. a frame that I have "made over"
its 5 inches wide by 6.5 inches high
all you have to do is write a comment that you want to enter... I will then put names into a fish bowl and Lily will draw the winner, competition closes this Friday 5th March...

and have a beautiful week
Vic xxx