Friday, March 5, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Hi Everyone,
this is the first time I have participated in this kinda thing so please be kind hahaha

First of all I would like to thank Cindy from My Romantic Home for thinking up the idea...and allowing us to add our little world to hers....

and soooo without any further waiting here goes... *whew*

Lately I have been really getting into the garden and getting my hands dirty.... and elbows, knees, clothes...face.. you get the idea! Anyway I have been thinking of alternative ways to use my household things
instead of the traditional pots for my plants and well I just want it to look a bit different.. (it's a work in progress...and here are a few pics of my verandah)

and here is what I have come up with ...enjoy!

A fire damaged birdcage and lavender tin...rustic and rusty for a lovely rose

An old wicker basket, spray painted Antique white... a new home for a colourful array for Bergonias

A iron basket, tin and bucket teamed with a wicker basket mixed with pots for a bit of diversity, and to mix it up a bit...I'm really loving Azaleas right now... oh and Roses and Petunias

On my kitchen windowsill, just a small bucket with a succulent and an old vintage tin thingy with a Bergonia
add a bit of a rustic look

The more fire damaged birdcages have a new lease on life... I love the way they sit in a quiet unison with the other hanging baskets

And finally, the chandeliers that once proudly lit up our cafe, once more used to add a dappled rainbow in the sunlight so healing to seem the in a place of pride again and not wasted

Putting these two up was almost like seeing old friends again... I love watching the morning sun catch this one and the afternoon in the other.. the light comes into my dining area and living room.. my little girl things they are "so pretty" the rainbows are just so lovely and you get the purity of a child for a second or two...

well that's my little world of gardening, and hopefully you have enjoyed reading my first post to show and tell Friday.. and the glimpse into my world...I hope I may have inspired and got you thinking into using just things you have to create a lovely place in your garden.. I actually sit out there more now.. and its nice to stop and smell the roses....

Have a fantastic weekend everyone
Vic xxxx


  1. I love your chandliers.....I'm on the lookout for one to use under my gazebo/canopy, can never find one when you want one! :) I have a bird cage that I Love that's like yours....can't wait till it's warm enough around here to put flowers in it again. :)
    Oh, I found you on Show and Tell at Cindy's blog. :)

  2. Turned out great! Nice patio, Thanks for shareing..

  3. Your garden looks beautiful! I love your chandeliers:)

  4. This is really nice I am glad you have weather as good as us. I love all your plants, but best of all the chandelier you put up it looks very elegant.

    Maria & Ruth
    Hunted Treasures

  5. What special chandeliers and to have memories attached to them they are even more special :)

    Your gadner looks fab! I just love all your pots, baskets and buckets...they look great all together.


  6. Vicki, it's all gorgeous! I love your creative container gardening. I'm always on the lookout for cute ideas, and I love love love that basket idea, with the begonias inside. Did you line it with anything, or no need...?