Friday, September 24, 2010

feather, flowers and creating

 Hi Everyone
hope you had a great week... just wanted to show you what we have been up to,
I have been focusing on business alot lately and coming up with new and hopefully exciting products!
A cute little cupcake bow
being modelled by my beautiful little girl

in the spring garden
a fascinator inspired by my baby girl
she makes a great model and even wore it
out for Thursday night shopping
a headband for a newborn made with soft stretch lace
with velevt and organza flowers

So yeah I guess I have been pretty busy lately with both Pumpkernickle Kids and The Silver Teapot....

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and thanks for stopping by!
take care
Vic xxx
ps hubby is taking better pics of what i have and the cupcakes they should be up on our ebay stores by Sunday!! will keep you posted xxxx

Monday, September 20, 2010

Putting it out here - part 1... i think

hi everyone,
hope you Monday was great for you.. how AMAZING is this weather? well here in the highlands it is anyway..
OK so in a few posts I have been talking about putting stuff out there....
with a few gentle encouragements and a few hard kick up the bums... I have decided to shop MY version on the faux cupcake... I admire the work of Mandii, Natasha, Shannon and Sheryn so much I felt mine weren't good enough to show.. I made them AGES ago and so here they are...
I am planning on selling them so we'll just see huh? *fingers crossed you like them*
these are the small ones....
faux lollipops I made ages ago also.. just to throw them in
I chose not to do the piping thing and do my own version.. PLUS i suck at it LOL

anyway please be gentle with me xxxx

Love to you all
Vic xxxx

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ebay items listed

Hi everyone
How are you all? I hope your enjoying the weekend..the weather here has been glorious to say the least!.. We spent most of yesterday outside in the garden..Lily loves it!!!
and Dave and I are enjoying every minute of planning and creating a wonderful place for our children to grow up.. it really doesn't get much better!
I FINALLY got some more items in our ebay store so be sure the check them out!!!
With Christmas edging closer and closer its all down hill from here!!!!
I will have many more items listed shortly!!!

While you there check out our kids store

cot quilt
I have been working on boutique bows and just learning so much and lovin it!!!!!

Organza bow with loop topper

anyway must go, I'm gonna make some popcorn and watch Happy Feet with my family,
enjoy the remainder of Sunday.. and I hope you all have a beautiful week

love to you all
Vic xxxx

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Snow Girls

Hi lluurrvlie ladies
I hope your week has started off well....
just wanted to show you a snow girl I finished yesterday... I'm quite happy with her... its from a pattern i drew up in the 90's and dug up out of my sewing room.... BUT i gave her a sex change (they where originally men) and a shabby look...what do you think?
I'm am doing a range of them for Christmas this year... I think they will be one of a kinds cause I'm not reallllllyyyy good and replications

Sorry the picture isn't great but I just wanted to show you her... she has many different trims on her some new some vintage...
anyway my friends I must be off I'm making Christmas stockings for kids (AND us ladies.. new design so we will see) *fingers crossed!
take care
Vic xxxx

Monday, September 13, 2010

An amazing weekend

Hi everyone,
this is just a no frills post, and kind of ties in with my previous
BUT with more passion than I have felt in a long time
we are so tied up with a superficial world we forget whats important to us.. we set our own restrictions on ourselves and make excuses as to why things happen and that we cant do what we want to or cant achieve due to others putting negative onto us (or our parents saying you live in this class of person so you must stay that way blah blah) and we take it on and believe what people say about and to whether you comment or not please read....through this and if i can touch you and get my small message to you then i have done what this post is set to do....
PLEASE live your lives to the fullest, take that holiday, start that business, tell people you love them cause it can all change in a heartbeat.. literally.
So this post is no frills no pics nothing just me,
I woke up at about 4am Saturday morning with a chest pain... but thought nothing and went back to sleep..  an hour and a half after i woke with it again only this time... with the pain going down my left arm and tingling in my fingers... now both my parents have heart issues so i called Bowral hospital.. they told me to come in straight away...
to cut a long story short... i was hooked up to machines as they did think i was having a heart attack... then they thought it was a blood clot in my lung, so i was poked and prodded and had to have an xray...don't worry William is fine they covered him with lead aprons (they said as I am in my third trimester there was very little risk to him, i had ultrasound on my heart and yes they were going to do a CT.. but held off due to the baby.) Needless to say i was told in no uncertain terms what risks there where and what may or may not happen to me and/or my baby and what they planned on doing if "the worst" happened.. I will not go into that though but I'm sure you get the gist of what i am saying
As it turns out they are pretty sure I "dislodged" a rib (due to moving in bed to allow for a big baby)  that caused nerve issues and i had to stay in hospital over night so they could watch me.. the staff and midwives at Bowral are incredible and i couldn't go to the loo without them not knowing.... I still have to be very careful but I believe I'm being watched over and was blessed to have this HUGE wake up call.. (yes I nearly lost people eg my mum and i cherish her but you see things differently when its yourself)
Rather than look at this happening to me as a I'm sorry for me situation I'm not has taught me how fragile we all are (i did know this BUT until something like this happens and your scared it doesn't truly hit home) all i thought about was my beloved husband, my daughter, my family and my unborn son.... i couldn't sleep and i really reflected on things that had happened...upsets that i have had... eg i don't fit in blah blah blah... and my eternal I'm gonna show you what i can do.... BUT I can honestly say i have a real passion for it right now.. and its something I haven't felt in years...
I have vowed to tell people i love them more... i look at my husband and family with new eyes, I didn't care for social politics before but now i just don't feel anything... I used to feel out of the loop so to speak.. but now I don't care.. take me as i am, as i will take you as your are...I have also learnt who cares and who doesn't and that's fine.... I was reading about the power of the law of attraction and can see where i have gone wrong...  being away from Lily and Dave was very hard... it will be again when Will is born BUT we get a wonderful gift then that i get to bring home... I still got a gift but a different kind (yeah Im going on but bear with me please im trying to write and get all my thoughts down)
i am blessed beyond words or emotion... so my friends I plan on living to the fullest and please so should you... and if you'll excuse me.. I must get to my sewing machine

take care and be blessed all of you
take your dreams and fly high in the air
much love
Vic xxxx

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Stuff

hi everyone,
a quick note as I am really busy running around...I feel that I know the ladies at Hill Top AND Mittagong post office very well, I have sen them nearly everyday for a few weeks now.... I have a few new creations for a very shabby Christmas I should have pics up this weekend... I dug up all my old patterns from the 90's when I used to make teddy bears.. all I will say is I'm happy with what i have done so far...

we have lots of Christmas decorations on the way... drying actually LMAO
just a few finishing touches (that I have to wait for) and we'll see....

I have also opened up and ebay store for The Silver Teapot..(we have decided to keep both businesses as they are both showing alot of promise and ya just can't let the pretties and shabbiness go can you? NOT even Dave can, so we are throwing everything we have into both... that way we can have the best of both words, pretties and TOYS!!!!!) and will be listing lots of goodies there including padded coat hangers, shower caps, aprons, quilt sets, ironing board covers.. you name it... Hubby has to help HAHAHAHAHA no really hes great!
we have taken delivery of some delicious fabric lately and trims... so I'm pretty excited to get cracking!  no rest for the wicked hahahaha, i will also be showing things I have made over the years which i have held back due to not wanting to upset anyone... BUT I have been encouraged by some wonderful ladies and kinda feel my work is good enough... yeah yeah i rave about this but I'm starting to feel comfortable with my style
and more relaxed.. i mean really how do you ladies (and gents) know who I am and what I'm about if I don't show you??? yes I am a doofus LMAO
AND in those classic words (from Strictly Ballroom... channelling Fran!) "A life lived in fear is a life half lived"

William is cooking nicely and is starting to really kick.. YUP at 2-4AM funny that huh?
and I am HUGE once again... i look full term and am asked if i having twins!

I also have a few new hair clips and facinators (for us ladies) coming out all I will say is Tea and cupcakes..

Hope you all have a fab Friday!!!
love to you
Vic xxxxx

Monday, September 6, 2010

RIBBON success

Hi everyone
just a quick post
I made some twisty ribbon (called Korker) to make Korker bows for Pumpkernickle kids.. (ya know those things you have always wanted to try and make but ever thought you could no matter how simple they seem? THIS is one of those for me!!!!!
will show you the other one at a later date!)
here is the result... not in bow form just put on my table.. damn hahaha gotta go gotta get creating!
have a great day
Vic xxxx

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clips bows and everything else

Hi everyone
how have you all been?
things here have been busy as my baby boy (yes we are having a boy) continues to grow strong and BIG!!!!
Lily is doing well but has a greenstick fracture in her foot due to being tripped over by a fellow mum at playgroup.. these things happen and she is being a little trooper and doing well... she also kisses my tummy and talks to "William" as we are going to call him.

I have also been really busy listing things on ebay.. for Pumpkernickle Kids and The Silver Teapot.. still have alot to go!

I just wanted to show you my new clips I have made they willl be on ebay soon
hope you like them
My first attept at a bow thingy im actually quite pleased with it

My first attept at a boutique bow, happy but I still need alot of practice

I hope your all having a wonderful week
take care
Vicki xxxxxx