Monday, September 13, 2010

An amazing weekend

Hi everyone,
this is just a no frills post, and kind of ties in with my previous
BUT with more passion than I have felt in a long time
we are so tied up with a superficial world we forget whats important to us.. we set our own restrictions on ourselves and make excuses as to why things happen and that we cant do what we want to or cant achieve due to others putting negative onto us (or our parents saying you live in this class of person so you must stay that way blah blah) and we take it on and believe what people say about and to whether you comment or not please read....through this and if i can touch you and get my small message to you then i have done what this post is set to do....
PLEASE live your lives to the fullest, take that holiday, start that business, tell people you love them cause it can all change in a heartbeat.. literally.
So this post is no frills no pics nothing just me,
I woke up at about 4am Saturday morning with a chest pain... but thought nothing and went back to sleep..  an hour and a half after i woke with it again only this time... with the pain going down my left arm and tingling in my fingers... now both my parents have heart issues so i called Bowral hospital.. they told me to come in straight away...
to cut a long story short... i was hooked up to machines as they did think i was having a heart attack... then they thought it was a blood clot in my lung, so i was poked and prodded and had to have an xray...don't worry William is fine they covered him with lead aprons (they said as I am in my third trimester there was very little risk to him, i had ultrasound on my heart and yes they were going to do a CT.. but held off due to the baby.) Needless to say i was told in no uncertain terms what risks there where and what may or may not happen to me and/or my baby and what they planned on doing if "the worst" happened.. I will not go into that though but I'm sure you get the gist of what i am saying
As it turns out they are pretty sure I "dislodged" a rib (due to moving in bed to allow for a big baby)  that caused nerve issues and i had to stay in hospital over night so they could watch me.. the staff and midwives at Bowral are incredible and i couldn't go to the loo without them not knowing.... I still have to be very careful but I believe I'm being watched over and was blessed to have this HUGE wake up call.. (yes I nearly lost people eg my mum and i cherish her but you see things differently when its yourself)
Rather than look at this happening to me as a I'm sorry for me situation I'm not has taught me how fragile we all are (i did know this BUT until something like this happens and your scared it doesn't truly hit home) all i thought about was my beloved husband, my daughter, my family and my unborn son.... i couldn't sleep and i really reflected on things that had happened...upsets that i have had... eg i don't fit in blah blah blah... and my eternal I'm gonna show you what i can do.... BUT I can honestly say i have a real passion for it right now.. and its something I haven't felt in years...
I have vowed to tell people i love them more... i look at my husband and family with new eyes, I didn't care for social politics before but now i just don't feel anything... I used to feel out of the loop so to speak.. but now I don't care.. take me as i am, as i will take you as your are...I have also learnt who cares and who doesn't and that's fine.... I was reading about the power of the law of attraction and can see where i have gone wrong...  being away from Lily and Dave was very hard... it will be again when Will is born BUT we get a wonderful gift then that i get to bring home... I still got a gift but a different kind (yeah Im going on but bear with me please im trying to write and get all my thoughts down)
i am blessed beyond words or emotion... so my friends I plan on living to the fullest and please so should you... and if you'll excuse me.. I must get to my sewing machine

take care and be blessed all of you
take your dreams and fly high in the air
much love
Vic xxxx


  1. Vicki...what a big fright you all had.Thank goodness you and baby are OK.Yes we all need a little reminder every now and then...but I guess not such a scary reminder!!!!

  2. oh thank goodness you are ok. Sometimes life does throw these things at us to help us appreciate and heed your words. I know I sure need to. Thank goodness you're still with us and baby is ok too. Thanks for the wise words xox

  3. Hi Vicki, I am so glad to hear you are ok after that scary ordeal. Unfortunately it takes something like that to remind us of what's really important and not to get caught up in other things. I mean it's great to have a passion for something (like my sewing) but its always second on the list, first is my family. That's probably why I don't get as much sewing done as I would like to. I had a bit of a scary ordeal quite a few months ago now, where I was in the shower and practically fainted and they had to rush me to Bowral hospital aswell. I couldn't open my eyes or hardly speak, all night while I was there as all I could see was the room spinning. AT about 8 am the next morning the room stopped spinning but I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I went home but was out of it for the rest of the day. I couldn't believe that had happened. Hubby was so worried and the kids were all upset. It was a scary moment in my life too. But life goes on and I believe it's great to be passionate about something and then try to make the most of it and enjoy it at the same time. I am happy to hear you opened an ebay store and hope all goes really well for you! take care, Maryann ps. don't worry about what other people say and think, you are who you are and you should be proud of it.. so your children can follow suit.