Friday, September 10, 2010

New Stuff

hi everyone,
a quick note as I am really busy running around...I feel that I know the ladies at Hill Top AND Mittagong post office very well, I have sen them nearly everyday for a few weeks now.... I have a few new creations for a very shabby Christmas I should have pics up this weekend... I dug up all my old patterns from the 90's when I used to make teddy bears.. all I will say is I'm happy with what i have done so far...

we have lots of Christmas decorations on the way... drying actually LMAO
just a few finishing touches (that I have to wait for) and we'll see....

I have also opened up and ebay store for The Silver Teapot..(we have decided to keep both businesses as they are both showing alot of promise and ya just can't let the pretties and shabbiness go can you? NOT even Dave can, so we are throwing everything we have into both... that way we can have the best of both words, pretties and TOYS!!!!!) and will be listing lots of goodies there including padded coat hangers, shower caps, aprons, quilt sets, ironing board covers.. you name it... Hubby has to help HAHAHAHAHA no really hes great!
we have taken delivery of some delicious fabric lately and trims... so I'm pretty excited to get cracking!  no rest for the wicked hahahaha, i will also be showing things I have made over the years which i have held back due to not wanting to upset anyone... BUT I have been encouraged by some wonderful ladies and kinda feel my work is good enough... yeah yeah i rave about this but I'm starting to feel comfortable with my style
and more relaxed.. i mean really how do you ladies (and gents) know who I am and what I'm about if I don't show you??? yes I am a doofus LMAO
AND in those classic words (from Strictly Ballroom... channelling Fran!) "A life lived in fear is a life half lived"

William is cooking nicely and is starting to really kick.. YUP at 2-4AM funny that huh?
and I am HUGE once again... i look full term and am asked if i having twins!

I also have a few new hair clips and facinators (for us ladies) coming out all I will say is Tea and cupcakes..

Hope you all have a fab Friday!!!
love to you
Vic xxxxx

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  1. your a busy Gal Vic, I dont know how you do it!! your clips are just gorgeous!!