Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is amazing

Hi everyone
i am just posting this quickly as i must go to sleep but i had to share this... the man touched my hubby and i's life a while back


its long BUT if you grab a cuppa and listen to him Im sure he will touch you too
he unfortunately passed away last year in july.. but what a gift to leave behind

will post another blog later..
brightest blessings to you all
Vic xxx

Friday, March 20, 2009

600 acre wood! Lily's farm day with Cubby Club

OK sooo I had to add this.. we had such a great day.. Jim and Pam are the Grandparents of the cubby club we go to every Wednesday and they have a lovely farm in Bullio 600 whole acres!! enough to really stretch your legs and breath!!... Dave and I spent the day wondering what we are doing... we really want to buy a property... but me being a scardey cat and sookie lala we missed the chance years ago.. NOT that i dont love where we are but...

ANYWAY enough of my day dreaming well for the moment anyway

here are some pics of the day

his tunnel is on the way to the farm, i just love it, how smooth it is and the fact its man made and nature seems to envelope it

the view is amazing don't you think? I could wake up to this every morning NO worries

Driveway to the house.. with cubby club mummy cars.

Lily and I... a stroll to the shearing shed

Lily with her friend Tilly in the shearing shed... soo cute (Lily has the purple cardie on)

playing nicely.. with possible boyfriend? hahaha shhhh don't tell dad

who is enjoying this tractor ride more? Daddy or bubby????

Me myself and I... with and island dam!

I want this house.. its so old and just lovely..

Lunch time view!

Ok I'm going now... hahah yeah right.. to realestate.com wooo hoooo

Brightest blessings to you all
Vic xxx

labels labels labels - your thoughts needed!!!!


OK sooo i had a bit of a rough patch... I felt flat but I'm slowly getting rid of the dark cloud and focusing on pretty colours and lovely stuff.. yeah i hit my head on the wall, did headstands, ate chocky and moped.. I cant also be misunderstood soooo yeah big kisses for putting up with me (I am actually thinking of writing a book to help anyone with depression of anyone who lives with someone with it.. wow i said it hahahaha finally!) I have also decided my life is to amazing to allow the dark shadows in...

SOOOOO I am making shower caps n things and I wanna know your thoughts on the labelling...

I want a Shabbily Romantic label and I'm thinking of calling a range Totally Lily for my shabby range of pretties for adults and kids... boys included but with rockets and trucks n stuff... we got a great range of winde up toys i just have to put them on the website

what do you think?

I have 2 labels organised sooo here they are
in other news hubby and i have a catering gig on Sunday for 50 people which will be good a chance for me to have fun in the kitchen WHICH leads my to think .. well more Dave than me that we should really get back into doing High tea..(no promises but it looks likely as we have our amazing furniture and china from the shop and I love stuffing around with pastries n yummies) we both miss the prettiness of it..and setting it all up...damn I'm lucking having a hubby who LOVES Shabby chic!!! but we will have to see... we would need a few volunteers for photos....
anyway I'm off back to my sewing machine... I also want to learn to try and pretty up my blog so anyone that can tell me how to do a few things PLEASE PLEASE lemme know
til next time
Vic xxxx
PS enjoy the moment... in a second it will pass

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm really not sure how to start this one, as I'm not feeling amazingly great at the moment. I feel lost and alone.... so im just writing a few lines here.

I find it hard to look into my husbands and daughters eyes and not feel lost. They look to me to stay strong and put things right and i will. But today i feel flat.. I am trying really hard to get our kids business off the ground.. forming groups and fan pages on facebook.. ebay and blogs...looking into party plan... I just feel that no one is interested.. actually its a fact.. I'm not feeling sorry for myself I'm venting...we have so many great items and I'm sewing and designing like mad we sell at a good price have high quality stuff and we see other people who have crap that sells for heaps and they are raking in it.. yet it seems we aren't getting anywhere. I have no idea what to do i want our business to grow and we are incorporating shabby chic into it and gifts for mum and dad.. i am currently working on kids clothes and other stuff to find something fdifferent to offer.. Dave and I have stayed up late researching products and getting our creative juices flowing.... URGH anyway.. i might not be making sense here

I do understand the current financials but why are others making money and all we want is to survive so my hubby can stay home and be with us.

Our insurance company is being painful and difficult and I am really trying to use the law of attraction oh and alot of prayer... I still believe we can do it. but today i don't feel strong at all...

I cant stand that people who have cheated us and manipulated us STILL succeed and get what they want.. what the F&^*( am i doing wrong? I am not playing victim i am in control but you get days you just cant bear it...

I have fought depression for too long and know its ugly head well... I have got over and got myself off medication (i was sedated for a week due to suicidal tendencies) Lots of things i believe would have stopped many.. a s in i had a brain infection when i was 20 and was suppose to die.. (it killed my great aunt at the same age)

I'm just sick of myself and my family being misundestood, used, judged and thrown away....
all I want is whats best for my family.... we dont judge nor feel we are above anyone...we do our best to help people and i have to say we are really really good people

i have been blessed to meet some wonderful people.. I wont go into details as you know who you are and i am grateful each day for you

anyway I think id better finish this now... as i don't want to fester.. Ill go and play with some fabric and trims.. the colours always make me feel better.. (that's one way i beat depression)
take care of yourselves
Vic xxxx

PS i will get over this its just how i feel right now

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Totally Lily

hi everyone,

just thought i'd show a pic of my latest creation....

I made a shower cap... it was suppose to be kids size BUT it fits me hahahaha and Dave he put it on for a hoot!!! and to impersonate a milk maid!

but anyway i really like it.. I'm thinking of calling this range of things Totally Lily

in homange of my husband and my finest creation!!!

the showercap is also waterproof! they'll be available in other colours.. lemme know what you think

Im gonna go make more

see you soon

Vic xxxx

ps I'm really tired Lily is cutting teeth xxx

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My dear fellow bloggers...

it's been too long since my last blog and I really have no excuse only that time is flying so quickly and well to be honest I have felt a little down and slightly lost.. anyway onto better things.. my hubby has been busy in the shed and I managed to finish a bib (the plain version) and a little lady bug I made Lily.. I have a few things in store for another bibs such as trims and appliques so I Will have them posted soon... but this is to give you an idea...

The bibs are available for sale...(they have plastic in them therefore water proof and towel backing with satin bias binding and a star button on the back but are held together with Velcro)
If interested email me at sales@pumpkernicklekids.com.au wholesale welcome!! more colours are gonna be added soon.....

I am making things for our kids website and doing more "shabby chic" style stuff for kids! sheets whatever I 'm getting the sewing bug so god knows hahaha

I'm currently looking into sewing hats, and clothes as well we want to start a brand BUT I will still be doing lampshades and other stuff also... I can't seem to just stay on one type of project I have to have heaps hahahaha

we are hoping to clean out the sewing room as its currently storing cafe stuff so I can work.. here is a pic of a lampshade I have made it was in the window in the cafe and for some reason I bought it home I think it was that I wanted it for Lily's room.

The lamp now has pride of place on my desk

(little lady bug.. I like the spotty fabric that looks like little beetle spots)

anyway lemme know what you think..

I hope you all have a great week.. oh btw I'm so happy my hubby sold his first piece of furniture he's very very chuffed

little Lily just keeps on growing she is 9.5 months and has 4 teeth... and charms everyone she meets

Brightest blessings to you all

Vic xxx

PS.. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself