Friday, March 20, 2009

labels labels labels - your thoughts needed!!!!


OK sooo i had a bit of a rough patch... I felt flat but I'm slowly getting rid of the dark cloud and focusing on pretty colours and lovely stuff.. yeah i hit my head on the wall, did headstands, ate chocky and moped.. I cant also be misunderstood soooo yeah big kisses for putting up with me (I am actually thinking of writing a book to help anyone with depression of anyone who lives with someone with it.. wow i said it hahahaha finally!) I have also decided my life is to amazing to allow the dark shadows in...

SOOOOO I am making shower caps n things and I wanna know your thoughts on the labelling...

I want a Shabbily Romantic label and I'm thinking of calling a range Totally Lily for my shabby range of pretties for adults and kids... boys included but with rockets and trucks n stuff... we got a great range of winde up toys i just have to put them on the website

what do you think?

I have 2 labels organised sooo here they are
in other news hubby and i have a catering gig on Sunday for 50 people which will be good a chance for me to have fun in the kitchen WHICH leads my to think .. well more Dave than me that we should really get back into doing High tea..(no promises but it looks likely as we have our amazing furniture and china from the shop and I love stuffing around with pastries n yummies) we both miss the prettiness of it..and setting it all up...damn I'm lucking having a hubby who LOVES Shabby chic!!! but we will have to see... we would need a few volunteers for photos....
anyway I'm off back to my sewing machine... I also want to learn to try and pretty up my blog so anyone that can tell me how to do a few things PLEASE PLEASE lemme know
til next time
Vic xxxx
PS enjoy the moment... in a second it will pass

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