Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tea anyone?

Hi Everyone

This is just a very quick note... to let you know
my husband David and I are going back into the high tea business
while we cant go back into our cafe (we didn't own the building) the public have been literally demanding us to reopen it is wonderful to be missed... but we still have to heal from the fire so baby steps are needed here
and i am very proud to announce that we will be offering high tea and tea parties in your garden + catering and hampers (high tea of course) we will also have an online store where you can get our famous te and coffee and lots of other treats and gifts... damn gotta slow down (im trying to type and talk with my hands hahaha )
I know I'm probably not making much sense but I can't hold down my excitement we get to play pretties and we have so many things planned!!! I'm not sleeping well

Lucinda of Hume Cottage has been kind enough to offer us her lovely shop for the relaunch... EXACTLY 10 months to the day our beloved shop was destroyed...(imnot putting negative pics up here.. see a previous posts for those pics of the fire
anyway here are a few pic's to get you excited like we are and maybe inspire you..they certainly got me all excited again

I am also writing my own e book on tea parties so let me know if your interested...

have to run got to finish the menu
love to you all
Vic xxxx