Saturday, February 27, 2010

My very first giveaway

HI everyone
just announcing I will be giving away a smaller frame in the style I made for myself (not the same)

will let you know how to eneter and pics of the prize will come in the next day...

Im quite excited about this I just hope I get people entering
thanks all
Vic xxxx

Friday, February 26, 2010

a pride of place

Hi Girls,

I just wanted to share a few pics of something new I have made...
I felt a little flat this week so I wanted to do something for myself.. I go NUTS (literally) if
I can't create and I havent had much time lately
wonderful thing is I didnt have to look far for inspiration... my baby girl.. Lily
She'll be 2 soon (in May) everyday is a blessing to have her...

SOOOO I looked for what I could find.....Dave and I have HEAPS
and I mean HEAPS of brass framed pieces, we had some in the cafe bathroom...t
hey are now unfortuantely destroyed BUT we did have a truckload down
in my studio hoping that the day would come that they would be used... and it has!..
so I ripped out the picture of the one I didn't like a created this.

I know this kinda thing has been done before BUT this is my take on it...
and I love the colours of paper flowers at the moment... especially the Lillies...
I can't emrboider or do stumpwork either to save my life (I would sooo love to)..
SOOO this is my meshing of the two.... kinda hahahaha

For my little girl, 2 doves and roses for love,
pale pink for girliness

Pretty colours for her to enjoy
beads for bling (every girl has to have it)

And flowers that she is named after

this now hangs pride of place in our bedroom,
a reminder of the precious gift Dave and I have given each other

Thanks for taking the time to look and  I wish you all a beautiful weekend
Love n kisses
Vic xxxx 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

and who says wall pockets are old fashioned?

Hi  Everyone,

I hope your all having a great valentines day,
the rain is wearing thin on me know so... after heaps of coffee .....
I thought I would show you a few pics of my latest "creations"
I got some wall pockets (vases) a few weeks ago AND had no idea what to do with them,
so today... I went frou frou and nearly went nuts getting them "just right"
ANYWAY a few hours later and some fiddling here they are... the first one took the longest...
it may be a bit over the top BUT it suits my mood just know and I adore them!.. and guess what?.. HUBBY LOVES IT!!!! cool huh?

I love to know what you think so please leave me a comment
I have some more pics and things to show
 BUT I have to feed the family so will post tommorrow
 to thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog
Much love to you all...
Vic xxxx

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

new product and catering!


YAY back again I finally got some pictures of my new line..
you can either have it as a tassel orrrr it could be that extra little frou frou detail/touch to a pressie

I have done a little bit of catering (and am still available to do so... I love it)also soo here are some pics of some sandwich trays and quiches JUST outta the oven...

hope you all have a fab afternoon.. have to go and find my little girl
its gone very very quiet!!!


blame it on the camera.. or lack of caffeine

Hi Lovelies

Good news? I have a new product range coming out.. wholesale will be welcome...and I'm pretty excited about it... what started as a mistake has become a surprise!

a problem? I CAN'T TAKE PHOTOS THAT ARE GOOD ENOUGH!!!(they aren't working out the way I want).. ok this is the part where I blame the camera *beeeppppppp*..... GAHHHHHH!!!!!!

The Solution? have a cuppa, (need a coffee) breath deeply and focus.. *currently channeling Shirley Maclaine* and then try again!!!!

HOPEFULLY will be back soon with a pic and description...

*mutters under breath* blasted camera... settings... light... accessories...fussy lady(das me) and I mean to say biatch...(sorry for swearing) but wont cause im trying to go easy on myself hahaha.....

see ya soon.... i hope......