Tuesday, February 9, 2010

blame it on the camera.. or lack of caffeine

Hi Lovelies

Good news? I have a new product range coming out.. wholesale will be welcome...and I'm pretty excited about it... what started as a mistake has become a surprise!

a problem? I CAN'T TAKE PHOTOS THAT ARE GOOD ENOUGH!!!(they aren't working out the way I want).. ok this is the part where I blame the camera *beeeppppppp*..... GAHHHHHH!!!!!!

The Solution? have a cuppa, (need a coffee) breath deeply and focus.. *currently channeling Shirley Maclaine* and then try again!!!!

HOPEFULLY will be back soon with a pic and description...

*mutters under breath* blasted camera... settings... light... accessories...fussy lady(das me) and I mean to say biatch...(sorry for swearing) but wont cause im trying to go easy on myself hahaha.....

see ya soon.... i hope......


  1. Hi Vicki
    Looking forward to seeing your newies

    I hear on the photo thing, I'm not happy with mine even after going into photo shop and editing them!

    Maybe we're expecting too much from our limited knowledge and middle of the range camera's?

    good luck

  2. Hello darling thanks for visiting my cottage and for joining my followers, much appreciated. You have a lovely blog, I am in love with your header. I look forward to taking tea with you soon.

    Love & Hugs