Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clips bows and everything else

Hi everyone
how have you all been?
things here have been busy as my baby boy (yes we are having a boy) continues to grow strong and BIG!!!!
Lily is doing well but has a greenstick fracture in her foot due to being tripped over by a fellow mum at playgroup.. these things happen and she is being a little trooper and doing well... she also kisses my tummy and talks to "William" as we are going to call him.

I have also been really busy listing things on ebay.. for Pumpkernickle Kids and The Silver Teapot.. still have alot to go!

I just wanted to show you my new clips I have made they willl be on ebay soon
hope you like them
My first attept at a bow thingy im actually quite pleased with it

My first attept at a boutique bow, happy but I still need alot of practice

I hope your all having a wonderful week
take care
Vicki xxxxxx


  1. hmm for some reason the photos arent lined up ... AAARRRGGGHHHH LMAO

  2. Hi Vicki,
    Hooray, a Boy coming into your family!
    Sorry to hear about Lily's fracture-Ouch, give her kisses from me!
    Love the latest bits and bows-soo pretty!
    Happy creating,