Friday, March 19, 2010

Show and Tell Friday... gotta love a Bargin

Hi lovely ladies
I just wanted to share a revamp I did yesterday afternoon, so I thought I would add it too Cindy from My Romantic Home's  Show and Tell Friday.. I'm actually really enjoying participating in this and think of things during the week you may like to read and what id like to share

I got these 3 chairs from ebay.. a steal at $20 for the 3.. and I went to Bunnings (a hardware store) and got A STAPLE GUN wow am I sooo chuffed or what? So this is my first time recovering like this.... (so I thought i'd give it a go... bite the bullet and get over my fear lol oh...and I got tired of looking at the drab fabric that was covering them...)
I had some pretty rose  fabric I had squirreled away for about forever...I know you have them too.. dont you? ya know the fabric you find that you can't live without BUT have no idea what your going to do with?

here are the chairs before!.. hate the grubby fabric... makes the chairs look tired

With the seat off, 1 down 2 more to go....
Gotta love those staples...
Waiting for the new covers the dry.. I sprayed them with lavender water.. gets out creases
and smells yummy
FINISHED... not professional looking but Im happy with the result!

SO there you go... 2 hours later give or take a few minutes, and I have a new look that I love, so much better and ALOT more clean looking....  NOW  I have to go and find some more fabric stasted somewhere for the smoke damaged boudoir chair i have airing on the verandah...

take care everyone and have a beautiful weekend

Vic xxxx
ps thanks to all the ladies who left such kind comments for me! xxxx


  1. hi Vicki,
    this is my first visit to your lovely bolog and certainly not the last as I've become your newest follower.
    I do too love bargains and yours are indeed lovely ones. You did a great job with your new staple gun for being a first-timer!!! Love your rose fabric. so cottage chic!

  2. Darling chairs, I love the fabric you're recovering them in! I'm with you, I looove a good bargain, it makes the hunt so much more fun! (I might need stronger glasses, I'm having a hard time seeing/reading your beautiful pink print)! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  3. I always admire people who can do this. Your chairs came out lovely. I have a friend who can pick up any chair and change it into magic. Looks like you have the gift.

  4. Hi Vicki, Your chairs look perfectly charming! Nice fabric, I stash fabric too, it's always so worth it cause the right thing always comes along:-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog, wasn't it crazy cheap for the place card flowers? someones trash is someones treasure I guess?
    It might be my monitor, but the baby pink text on your blog was hard to see?

  5. Hi girls,
    just made the pink a bit darker... sorry it was hard to read... thanks for letting me know

  6. Very pretty redo on your chairs!

  7. Hi Vicki

    These look WONDERFUL!
    I should imagine loads of work have gone in painting all around the legs and little bits and pieces and as for the new fabric!!...well done
    love them
    xo Gail

  8. What a wonderful makeover!!!

    My show n tell is HERE. I do hope you can find time to stop by and visit me. I'd love your company.

    Have a super weekend.

  9. I love the fabric you chose to recover those stools. Great transformation! One of the reasons I love refurbishing is that the pieces you transform are unique and not "cookie cutter" looking. You save money, save the environment, have fun and use them to create a beautiful cottage! Have a great weekend!

    Susan and Bentley

  10. What a lovely job you have done on the stools Vicki! I love the fabric and those chairs are really neat - they are a really neat shape- I like the look- maybe bamboo under the paint?
    You will be using that staple gun all the time now that you have one!!

    bee blessed

  11. Great job on the chairs and so much fresher looking. Circles are hard to smooth out and staple, great job!

  12. Your chairs are so charming, Vicki! Love the fabric, so fresh and pretty! You did a beautiful job on it.

    Your blog is so charming!


  13. Vicki!! Nice blog. My first time here. Anyone that takes old chairs and makes them useful and pretty again always gets my attention. It is soooo planet friendly! Keep up the good work. I have joined as a follower and will put you on my sidebar.