Thursday, March 25, 2010

disgarded stuff make great planters....and a sneaky peak

                                         Hi Everyone
just a quick note and some pics to show some stuff I have found around the house and made them into planters..yup I'm going nuts and I'm happy with the result... isnt improving your surrundings and renovating fun and great therapy?
SO my quest continues hahaha even a tired old cane bike planter got a lovely addition and came in handy

and thats it for today.. I'm working on my show and tell Friday so here is a sneaky peak
a wrought iron screen that was badly burnt in the cafe fire.....
thanks to everyone who commented on my chairs.. I was very humbled and chuffed
til tommorrow
have a beautiful day
Vic xxx


  1. All is fair in love and planters. Might be a good theme for a contest?

  2. very great idea..looks wonderful!!

  3. Hi Vicki

    Love your planters, perfect colour displays for winter

    have a good day ~ Gail