Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Missing my shop, frustration and what can be done

HI everyone,
lately I have been really missing my old shop... I have been creating away and happy with what i have been turning out, I only wish i still had the cafe as i and HUGE windows for display and i know the pieces would work, sell  and look great! its just so frustrating i have so many ideas its literally driving me nuts.. and i find it upsetting... i don't wanna dwell on it though but channel it and make something good happen

I have thought many times about reopening, and at this point I most of you know I'm pregnant and I have a 2 year old... and I kinda like the idea of being home.. I know you cant have everything... but can i? and why cant i? such a closed thought makes me want to break all the rules and hit out at the world again... why do we confine ourselves to i cant have everything?

i have approached the council to ask if i could make a shop out of my garage.. but to no avail! which i think sucks

BUT BUT BUT!!!!!! I'm sure if I think there is a way around it, I'm allowed to trade as a web business so why cant i display my wares nicely downstairs? and pretend?

just a thought....what do you think?

I'm also changing things with the silver teapot and expanding on ideas.... maybe a name change?
new logo? image?

what do you think?

anyway I'm off to the Dr for a 8 week checkup! YAY

i hope you all have a beautiful day
Vic xxx
PS sorry no pics in this post BUT i am keeping something under wraps until i can do it xxxx

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