Friday, November 6, 2009

A new title..well back to the old one

hi everyone

just a quick note to let you know that I havent gone to Siberia, or joined the French Foreign legion, I have decided to go back to my original blog name...

The reason for this is that it creates continuity with my business and identity and I will be promoting The Silver Teapot online now
I also have lost the fear I had when our cafe burnt down (we had funny phone calls threats etc but im not going to even think of it.. I dont have any bad feelings towards anyone infact i have found Im indifferent to them) and must say have felt sooo much better lately (we had a look at a shop and I decided on my own terms that we would just be online for now) I want to devote time to our daughter and husband and be a wife for a whie and its not fair to put Lily through the long days.

Anywayyyy better go and keep working on this
loooooooove to you all
Vic xxx

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