Friday, August 6, 2010

an article an article

hi everyone,
how are you all?
Im half frozen in the office as I write this but I'm very chuffed and excited!!!
here is a READABLE copy of the article on me that was in the Southern Highlands post on Wednesday!!
wooo hooo!!
and I have even got a few messages out of it.. wow huh?!
hope you enjoy it! and i apologise for not being around much.. LOTS going on here!!!!!
Hopefully i will get a chance to sit with a cuppa and some peanut butter cookies (yup i crave em sooo yummy) and catch up on what your all up too
til then
love to you!
Vicki xxxx


  1. Wow Vicki....that is exciting.Would love to read it!Well done

  2. Congratulations Vicki!!

    Clever girl you are!

  3. that's awesome Vicki! congratulations, and i hope you get tons of orders through your great interview/article!

  4. wow, how exciting to be in the local newspaper! You must be so excited. Congratulations! Your creations are so pretty! Thanks so much for visiting me too, I hope your comment does come! Hope you have been doing well, take care, Maryann