Friday, April 10, 2009

finally it's finished!!!

Hi Girls and Hubby!

This is a few pics of a lamp I started on over a year ago... I put it aside once Lily was born and with the demands of the shop I had no time for it... SO I dug it out and decided it's time had come!

Its quite big about 6ocm across and I found it by a roadside (it's slightly off centre and was a little damaged BUT with a little persuasion came into some sort of shape... I adore that its not perfect)...

the base of the lamp has been an old friend for as long as i have been around.. we had it when I lived with mum and I swiped it for my bedroom and then later when I moved out to go and live with Dave (ahahaha mum wanted to throw it out... see being a pack rat can be good!)

Side view

Front view

ANNNYYYWWAAAAYYYY..... the panels on the shade are hand sewn in in a fabric I fell in love with .. I got a stunning floral braid and embellished it with some flowers and chandelier crystals I had... I know the shade looks a little small to balance the length of the base BUT I kinda like it this way.. it reminds me of a parasol and that 2 objects that aren't perfect can be fused together to form a great piece.

I'm really pleased with the result... I'm keeping this one due to the fact the base has been in my family for so long.... BUT I ... well *cough cough* hubby found a box full of lamps and lampshades so I will have them up for sale soonish... My little girl is a great helper and loves playing with the trims and flowers... ahahaha she's a girlie girl!

Well I better go and get cracking on more stuff...

Hope you all have a fab Easter



  1. Wow so nice babe, glad we we are keeping this one.

    That is just stunning!!

  3. Hi Vicki
    and happy Easter to you all

    I love your lamp - I'm glad you're keeping it!!

  4. Hello sweet Vicki, thank you so much for your encouraging words hon. I like that, 'my cleansing time'. Its painful being cleansed isn't it? Loving your lamp, you have done a super job and how satisfying finishing a project you started so long ago. I didn't know you had a Lily too. What a perfect name for such a sweet heart. ox love to you and many blessings as well. ox Ali

  5. Hi Vicki, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog posts! Your lamp is beautiful and I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Easter~ Best wishes, Janet

  6. I love it Vicki.Now you betta get cracking on some lamps for my shop, or I will get the whip out!!!!!

  7. oh wow..what a stunning lamp.. I love it! Marilyn xoxo