Friday, April 24, 2009

lamp shades and Hume Cottage

Just thought I would show you 2 lampshades that are going to be delivered to Lucinda at Hume Cottage on Tuesday as well as a few other goodies including showercaps made from cuppie cake fabric!

Well tommorrow is ANZAC day and a good day to reflect and remember, as of late I have thought alot about a few soldiers that used to come into the cafe I worked at in Mosman I pray they are all safe..

We are having a family day and going to Taralga Dave and I adore it there so I will post pics for sure til then I only have my lamps to show

have a great weekend



Vic xxxx

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  1. Hi Vicki
    I love your lamp shades, they'll be snapped up quickly I bet!

    I've missed a few of your posts, thankyou for the mention in one of your previous posts!

    I've just put that Blogs I follow gadget on my sidebar, hopefully it will make it easier to see whose recently posted - I seem to loose track!

    Hope you had a nice family Anzac day