Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hi all

just wanted to share a few new items that we got for our kids website

Dave and I are really proud of our site (we are building it ourselves) and the high quality products we have, we are working on forming our own brand we also have lovely stuff for mum and dad (but i gotta take pics of them so i better get off my butt and do it)

the little wooden coat hangers are fab i'm gonna get some for Lily

I also ordered a cat pyjama bag so i can't wait for that to come in we currently have a cow and sheep in stock

WE have also made a decision to launch our Shabby stuff... some will have some on the kids site for kids and we may get a separate website in the future) BUT we are proud to say our items will be available at Lucindas http://humecottage.blogspot.com/ I have 2 lampshades made for her so i will put picks up of them tommorrow

I better run I have to catch up on hells kitchen.. wow gotta lllooovvveeee Gordon

brightest blessings

Vic xxxx


  1. I loved the hot water bottles you have! My boys have some similar. So cute :)

  2. Hey Vic,
    Love all the new things, no wonder you are super busy.
    Can't wait to see what you do with your new shabby range.
    ~S~ xxx