Sunday, November 28, 2010

so where have I been and what have I been up too?

Hi everyone
how are you all? first thank you for the love and support from my last post xxxxx
Just thought I would give you a few updates.... I have 4 weeks to go before our son is born.. so I'm very broody, nesting like crazy and HUGE! I am also clearing out alot of stuff... and selling off a few of my creations... we have news for the new year but i cant say anything until then, so grab a cuppa and i hope you enjoy the photos... but here is some of the china i am selling on ebay under Shabbily Romantic.. its Maxwell Williams fine bone china, hydrangea chintz pattern (2002) and its pretty rare so I have....


a bowl

dinner plates, oh and cake tiers will be available soon too

here's a large cupcake i made

same one different view

Christmas decoration

I have also been selfish and revamped a few things for our house
including this hall table that was smoke damaged I ADORE IT!

my cane boxes in shelves i painted flat white and the baskets in pale pink, blue and green

a magazine rack

I also wanted something interesting for our mundane items eg toothbrush and soap

 a mirror in one of those "what do i hang here walls"

3 little faux cupcakes I made and finally have on ebay

part of our dining section of our house.. getting there... still lots to do
i am starting to paint more chairs this week

a sideboard with new doorknobs and a flat white paint LOVIN IT!!!
h and my lustre ware

kitchen table decorated soo nice to sit there and even coming home is a joy
its soo lovely to walk in a see this

my potato boxes as with the other shelves i have to line them with fabric

detail of the sideboard

and so that concludes what i have been up to.. oh and i have done some gardening as well
the news will have to wait and i have actually enjoyed doing things for us and relaxing a little and just being...I have enjoyed painting and the relaxation of it.. and just making things at my own pace
as for business i really wish i could tell you BUT we still have alot to decide and what road to take but we are almost there.. and getting excited about the new chapter with our family and new addition
i hope your all keeping well... much love to you all
Vic xxxx


  1. You have been busy ,Life is hard when it throws the big decicions at us!
    I have 9 weeks til our baby is born and my head spins with all I must do before then.
    As most comes down to having $$$ It is frustrating!
    You have done well to keep crafting!
    Love the china!

  2. Wow, you have been busy Vicki- things are looking lovely!

  3. Hi Could you please tell me if you have sold the China Maxwell Williams Hydrangea range?? Could you please email me on if this is still available as Im VERY interested