Saturday, January 29, 2011

A baby and my first faux cake!

hi Everyone,
wow its been ages since my last post.... i have some news
First our son was born 22/12/2010, weighing in at 9 pounds 11.5 ounces a real heffer!!
we called him William Malcolm (after both Dave and I's fathers)and he is devine.. his big sister Lily adores him!
here are some pics
Lily and Will
The new man in my life
Will and I
Brother and sister!

My other news is my FIRST faux cake! im really finding making these addictive and am chuffed to say have already sold a few

anyway i can hear Will crying so i have to feed him... again!!! every hour pretty much but hey a growing boy needs it
much love to you and yours
Will blog more this year.. well thats the aim anyway
take care
Vic xxx


  1. Hey gorgeous girl,

    oooha William is so cute...give him a huge squash for me...and Lily has grown so much since I saw her in my they grow so quickly.

    Your faux cake looks so real I just want to take a bite of it...beauitful Vicki


  2. gee I can't spell today...must be to much packing and moving

    thats Beautiful!!!!

  3. Hi Vicki, congratulations! Your son is so cute! I bet you're busy busy now. Lilly is just adorable looking on at Will. I love your children's names. Those cakes look so yummy, you did a wonderful job! take care, Maryann

  4. Hi there, your little man is very cute. Love to hear more about faux cakes. Interesting. I've never seen one before :O)