Friday, May 29, 2009

A lick of paint and a little love goes a long way

WOW 2 blogs in one day... but I felt these had to have their separate blogs
I just wanted to show a couple of pieces that i have restored from the fire and now sit pride of place at home,
The cupid has 3 stages so far and Im not sure If I am going to add colour (any comments or thoughts would help) or not BUT she came up stunning with some paint and a bit of patience

After a wash.. still very smoke damaged

2 undercoats

She came up ilike new if not better and now sits on our fireplace as a reminder that new life can came out of the ashes.. just have faith, love and determination

This was a toilet roll holder in the cafes bathroom.. sorry I forgot to rotate the image so please bear with me

After a few coats of paint. a new knob thingy and an anti smoke spray (vinegar water and bicarb) it came up a treat and with pink highlights will fit on with our huse ONCE we get to painting it

I have to say restoring our fire damaed stuff really is rewarding and really shows what can be done with a little love and seeing past appearances, and if youinvest a little time, you will be rewarded

hope you all have a fab weekend


Vic xxx

Busy busy and our little girls 1st birthday

Well, things have been very very busy in my neck of the woods lately, our little girl Lily turned a big 1 on 24 may.. we had a party at our house and she got spoilt rotten... A big thank you to Miss Lucinda, Miss Sarah and Misss Shann for their gifts and well wishes..... Our little princess adored her pressies and had a fab day with everyone.. she didnt sleep til that night she was so excited
the pictures enlarge so feel free to have a squizzie in larger size
Lily's birthday cake I made for her... This was soooo much fun to make i'm trying to get an excuse to make something else!

I have a new range coming out and they are of cats as doorstops, I am sooo excited about these as they turned out far better than I ever thought....they are all made by me and embellished with yummy trims, flowers and anything else I can get my hands on... they are pretty big roughly 30-40cm and weigh about 1kg

These puddy tats are one of a kind (I'm not very good and mass production and to be honest prefer not to) and these two are available at the lovely Lucinda's shop they actually look better in her shop than they do at my house.. I was soo chuffed she was kind enough to take them...
They are very detailed with lots of velvet and organza flowers on them, along with some lovely trims.. I spend alot of time making sure everything is balanced and colours blend... I am on a roll and will be making more so if your interested let me know and I can give you prices (I will also post them with prices once I make a few more)
I better be off I have a few cats cut out that I want to finish
hope you all are warm and cosy bbrrrrr
enjoy your weekends
Vic xxxx

Monday, May 4, 2009

A little light went out, and a new creation

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had wonderful weekends, mine was a little sad, our beloved Samson who was nearly 14 was put to sleep on Thursday so I had mum come and stay with us for a few days... which we both needed. It's better for hi though he really wasn't well and it's the most human thing to do as upsetting as it is. He had a heart condition which was medicated for the last 5 years so he has done well but I guess it just got the better of him. He had a full life from running along the beach, coming to market stalls and just getting into all kids of trouble.. mainly with me! He lived with mum, but I was with him for the first 7 years of his life and then right through, I wasn't there when he passed over he was just to sick and mum didn't tell me... I admire her strength We are all really upset and I can't believe he is gone... I will miss him forever but I'm sure we will meet again.. I was blessed to have known him... big dog trapped in a little dogs body hahaha
I just wanted to make a note for him

ANYWAY I don't really want to be sad, that's not the way to remember him nor would it do him justice he was hilarious and at times a little ratbag... sooooo I also have been creating... this is a pin cushion I made it hangs up (it has a tiny hook!,) is scented (rose of course with a little surprise there!) it is very detailed and was great fun to make. It has about 30 mixed flowers.... (velvet and organza hydrangeas, roses and daisies) There will be others available I am selling this one for $24.95 if your interested in them lemme know I will post the others once I finish, with the prices

I hope you all have a fantastic week, I have to head off to the land of nod, Dave and I sealed the garage floor and he put the carpet down so it's all systems go again for reclaiming the sewing room/studio.... bless him he is working on a very large window to put in

til next time

brightest blessings to you all

Vic xxxx