Friday, May 29, 2009

A lick of paint and a little love goes a long way

WOW 2 blogs in one day... but I felt these had to have their separate blogs
I just wanted to show a couple of pieces that i have restored from the fire and now sit pride of place at home,
The cupid has 3 stages so far and Im not sure If I am going to add colour (any comments or thoughts would help) or not BUT she came up stunning with some paint and a bit of patience

After a wash.. still very smoke damaged

2 undercoats

She came up ilike new if not better and now sits on our fireplace as a reminder that new life can came out of the ashes.. just have faith, love and determination

This was a toilet roll holder in the cafes bathroom.. sorry I forgot to rotate the image so please bear with me

After a few coats of paint. a new knob thingy and an anti smoke spray (vinegar water and bicarb) it came up a treat and with pink highlights will fit on with our huse ONCE we get to painting it

I have to say restoring our fire damaed stuff really is rewarding and really shows what can be done with a little love and seeing past appearances, and if youinvest a little time, you will be rewarded

hope you all have a fab weekend


Vic xxx


  1. Well done Vic, look forward to more creations.
    Love Lucinda

  2. Hi Vicki,
    I do agree a little love goes a long way.
    The cupid came up really well, I would leave her as she is.
    I also have one of those loo roll holders, & I never gave it a thought to put on a glass draw nob on the top. Looks great.