Monday, February 16, 2009

Wooo hoo

First of all let me say my hubby is very chuffed with your kind words...
thank you so much.. he is quite shy and needs a bit of confidence it has meant the world to him and to me to see him smile!

Second our Pumpkernickle Kids website is up and kinda running haha it still needs alot fo work BUT at least sales can be made (I'm excited cause I did it hahaha)
We will also be trying tp specialise in shabby stuff for kids

thanks so much for reading my blogs...
much love to you and yours
Vic xxx
ps will be back later to write a proper blog well maybe tommorrow

pps. you have two hands... One to help yourself, the second to help others

1 comment:

  1. Hi Vicki,
    Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your thoughts and prayers.A heavy load is lightened with such beautiful people supporting you.
    Will chat soon xx