Friday, February 20, 2009

Hubby has his own blog!!!

YAY my hubby finally has his own blog... thanks to the encouragement from everyone!!
its Shabbily Restored

He finished the dresser and it looks amazing! but i will let him tell you about it!!

We are off to the gift fair tommorrow so im sooo sxcited!
oh I had a lovely day yesterday with Lucinda from Hume Cottage and Sarah from Shabby Roses and Pretty Things.. we got together for a cuppa and i must say this is the start of something great.. so if anyone is in the area please come and see us
back later to write more... if I can haha
Vic xxx

ps if you dream it, you can do it! - Walt Disney


  1. ok you so know im coming to gate crash your next 'lunch do' dont you :)

    Think of all the chit chat...woohooo

    hey whats the link to your hubbys blog?
    Me :)

  2. Hi Vicki, i found your blog via the Shabby Chic blog of Rachel Ashwells. I love the Southern Highlands and was sorry t hear about your cafe. Look forward to catching up with you both on your blog soon, Mel xxx