Thursday, April 15, 2010

more kitchen pics

Hi everyone,
another quick post... here are a few more pics of the finished section of the kitchen
I just love it
i has made a huge difference to our lives.. oh and here is a before shot also so you can see!!!
its amazing what a spot of colour a lotta love and a change can do
after (oh yeah the box thing is a garbage bin box)

Im so chuffed with myself (dave helped a little) but i have done most of it myself
I also think its time for us to put our own stamp on the house (after 6 years and no time hahaha)
I feel more at home now and just adore it
anyway have to get back to the finer details of it.. will include more pics later including new curtains....

much love to you all

Vic xxxx


  1. Hi Vicki! Great job! How fresh and inviting. Bet you can't stay out of it now :)

    Katrina x

  2. Hi Vicki,
    Oh wow, You can come do a revamp of my kitchen anyday. Fantastic job, big pat on the back to you and little one for Dave.
    Hey, My DH, is Dave as well.
    Happy creating,

  3. Wow Vicki...must feel great to see such a big change and know that you acheived it(with a bit of credit to Dave of course!!)
    Must make it feel like a new house.

  4. thanks everyone, I do have to thank my hubby for his support, and the reason i did most of it myself was that he is working fulltime and well it was a challenge to myself... I have not meant to put him down in any way.. I want to encourage people who think they cant do something to try and you'll be amazed!
    i feel i have provided for my family and helping out so to speak
    love to you all
    Vic xxx

  5. Hi Vicki

    I think you can give yourself an enormous Pat on the back for the job you've done

    It looks fabulous!!!

    Gail xxx