Friday, September 18, 2009

so where have I been?

HI lovely people! I know it's been FOREVER since I have written here.. but I have kept an eye on you all and what you have been doing, I dash on have a look and dash off.. and sometimes forget to comment....

Dave and I have been really busy, with my studio up and running (FINALLY we have reclaimed some space for me to work in.. I can use it to create and there is a playroom for my little Lily .. who isn't little anymore.. she has grown so fast!

Part of my studio
Little Lily

I have quite a few pics to put up sooo grab a coffee, tea, hot choc or beverage of choice sit back and have a squizzie! Here are a few "rose bags" I have made... they are made from small organza bags with various trims i have.. some are vintage laces, various buttons and jewelery so I can't get them again but that makes it more fun don't you think? I'm happy with they way they turned out what do you think? I also have some that have beaded trimming.. they are available for sale from $8 each so lemme know if you interested.. I am also working on The Silver Teapot website.... I just have to get a little more organised on that front... we have the domain name and everything I just need to get a few things going, but we will be selling things I make, Dave's furniture, giftware, housewares, coffee, tea, and the accessories that go with them, there are a few other things in store BUT I will wait til I release that info hahaha.. cause there will be a giveaway and I don't wanna well give it away ..... haha HAD to say that one

I "named" the bags so I know what's what... there are a few more.. but with me not being a great photographer they need redoing hope you like them

Purple flowers

Fringe flowers and pearls

Vintage earrings

The Heritage

The angelic range

A kidney table that was in the fire..

and now revamped

A little lampshade

Anyway I think I have raved on enough for one day... sooo I will try and blog on a more regular basis

Til next time

hugs n kisses

Vic xxx


  1. Hi Vicki (& of course David & Lily!!)
    Good to see you back. Love all of your new creations, those rose bags are gorgeous.
    That table turned out just lovely too, gosh you are clever!
    Miss Lily certainly is growing up too fast. Se has a great grin in that photo.
    Hope you all have a great weekend.

  2. Your studio is beautiful and the things you've made are very pretty to!

  3. You've been making some absolutely beautiful things - thank you for sharing !