Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Very First Blog

OK never done this kinda thing before but I guess there is always a first time soooooo, here I sit with my cup of tea and I am just gonna see what happens.
First a little about me, my husband and I owned the most wonderful cafe in Moss Vale, located in the Southern Highlands of NSW... I say owned as on the 4Th Sept 2008 our dear shop was burnt... however and online business will be set up and everything available from there.. well most things) The shop was our life we put our heart into it and it was decorated Shabby chic/ french provincial and our own unique style. It had been a dream of my mum and I for many many one but her and I knew this... After a few issues my hubby and I (he out the front and me in the kitchen) really started to get somewhere i was baking like a mad woman in the week leading up to the fire and we where fully booked for Sept and Oct for functions..... David my wonderful hubby left his corporate job in March 2008 to work in the shop. I was heavily pregnant with our first baby... Lily (she was 9.2 pounds BTW) Anyone who had been in the shop would tell you it was more or an experience than a quick cuppa, we did high tea and other lovely things.. yes hubby was in his element and had his fair share of fans hahaha
I would have to say the hardest thing we ever had to face was the fact that our dream had gone up in flames..literally. The arch we where married under is now fused to the wall. Seeing it for the first time was a slap in the face and was pure hell... I wasn't allowed in as I was breastfeeding but my hubby said it was still smouldering and smelt terrible... anyway I wont go on and into too much detail...
we allowed ourselves to grieve and to be honest it was out of my greatest pain came my greatest joy.
I honestly had one of those moments where I sat and said THIS is what it's all about.. I have learnt to cherish and be grateful for everyday and everything.. I have an amazing life.. an exceptional husband and marriage and beautiful healthy little girl... Just because the arch was burnt.. the memories aren't and you cant take that away....
We have so many plans to be honest it's not funny... so hopefully I'll be able to put that up here soon
As for reopening a shop? well it's not in the foreseeable future... the only shop we will be opening will be virtual. We have also started a new business Pumpkernickle Kids an online store for kids stuff
oh we will still be doing the shabby chic stuff also... but more on that later.. lets just say we have a few things in that department and I don't want to spoil things in my first blog... I have raved and jumped topics enough...
anyway thanks for taking the time to read it
take care
til next time.......
may angels watch over you and yours xxx
PS... "Our greatest danger in life is in permitting the urgent to crowd out the important -
Oliver Wendell Holmes


  1. Hi Vicki & David & Lily!!!!
    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!
    As one chapter of your life ended another one has just began...I still shudder to think about what happened to your beautiful shop, the pics you sent me were heartbreaking to view.
    I know you well enough though, that this little hurdle will not hold you back, but catapult you into some new & exciting venture, I look forward to sharing your journey & seeing what happens next.
    Sarah xxx

  2. Hi Vicki!
    Im so excited to see that you have a blog! First of all, i am so so so sorry for your loss! To you and your husband, my thoughts go out to you! I had never been to your beautiful store and cafe in Mossvale, but my friend had and she said it was divine. :) We went to mossvale in October, or Nov last year.. and walked past it and we were so sad that it had burnt down because we were so excited to go and visit it!!! I would love to see some photos of what it looked like if you have some. :)
    I admire your courage, in continuing on in your dream. Keep it up, and i am sure your dreams will never be lost, but with your hard work and effort they will succeed! All the best, and i look forward to getting to know you better. :)
    Feel free to drop by and visit me, i would love to hear from you! :)

    Kind Regards,

  3. thank you so much for your commants ladies... i will catch up with you soon xxxx