Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sharing secrets, we all win

Hi everyone
just a note to you all, to let you know that ihave decided to share a few of the secrets that we had at The Silver Teapot, that made us so special.

I was told once that to withhold knowledge wasn't great and i think eveyone is entitled to know and have lovely things and experiences.

I have given away a few tricks in the past to select few.. with great success ... but now I have decided to release them to you all so we can all enjoy them, i feel it is only fair. My dream is to write a book to help people have lovely things ON A BUDGET! but as far as publishing goes? I havent the foggiest idea where and how to start.. I do however have scrap books full of things, sketches and ideas
It doesn't seem I will be opening a shop anytime soon as I have mentioned but my ideas keep evolving and changing.... they have changed alot since the shop burnt down.. so to share those we had in the shop.... I feel im ready too

anyway I am currently looking at things to share with you all, I had great encouragment from Mandii at shabby dreaming after putting it out there on our facebook fan page The-Silver-Teapot

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do
much love
Vic xxxx
ps I should start posting on a regular basis.. well I hope to hahaha

Missing my shop, frustration and what can be done

HI everyone,
lately I have been really missing my old shop... I have been creating away and happy with what i have been turning out, I only wish i still had the cafe as i and HUGE windows for display and i know the pieces would work, sell  and look great! its just so frustrating i have so many ideas its literally driving me nuts.. and i find it upsetting... i don't wanna dwell on it though but channel it and make something good happen

I have thought many times about reopening, and at this point I most of you know I'm pregnant and I have a 2 year old... and I kinda like the idea of being home.. I know you cant have everything... but can i? and why cant i? such a closed thought makes me want to break all the rules and hit out at the world again... why do we confine ourselves to i cant have everything?

i have approached the council to ask if i could make a shop out of my garage.. but to no avail! which i think sucks

BUT BUT BUT!!!!!! I'm sure if I think there is a way around it, I'm allowed to trade as a web business so why cant i display my wares nicely downstairs? and pretend?

just a thought....what do you think?

I'm also changing things with the silver teapot and expanding on ideas.... maybe a name change?
new logo? image?

what do you think?

anyway I'm off to the Dr for a 8 week checkup! YAY

i hope you all have a beautiful day
Vic xxx
PS sorry no pics in this post BUT i am keeping something under wraps until i can do it xxxx

Friday, May 14, 2010

Show and tell friday...A chair fit for a princess

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share this chair I made over for my little girl Lily,
but before I do... a big thanks to Cindy at My Romantic Home for hosting show and tell Friday
I havent been blogging as much as I have found out I am now 6 weeks pregnant wth our second bubby
(due 1/1/2011) and so we are on a scramble now to get everything we have wanted to get done.. well done LOL and YES i have started nesting ....hmmmm I would have been pregnant when i painted the kitchen ahahah thats my excuse anyway I hope you have all been well and YES i have checked up on you from time to time....
and so on with my sharing I'm really not sure whrere this chair will end up... will go in her room on in the living room? (once its renovated!!)  but either way Im happy with the result and my little princess loves it

My inspiration as always, my ballerina girl
To us she is the greatest gift of all, I'm grateful everyday 
for this precious little person 

smoke damgaed chair that sat in the bathroom of our former cafe
with the base off letting it air
peeling back the layers
pile of rusty staples and muslin
with the back off
layers are tattered but the bones are still beautiful
covered with wadding and a check polar fleece looking better already
just have to put the back on
Finished...and fit for my little girl.. wooden feet were put on later

SO thats what i have ben up too, hope you like it.. I found it very rewarding and making over things is very very addictive.. I'm on the look out now for more chairs to do!!!
I have a few more projects on the go so pics will follow soon
I hope you all have had a beautiful week
thanks for stopping by and having a look at my little space on the web
much love to you all
Vicki xxxx

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Bling

Hi everyone
just wanted to show you some "BLING" I will be adding to the website in the next day or so....
bear with me..morning sickness has struck with a vengence and it happens anytime!
ANYWAY just thought I'd show you the little pretties... the garlands are 2m long and the dangle drops thingies range from 24cm - 24cm
Much love to you and yours
ps BIG ( I mean epic, Titanic epic... Gone with the wind epic.. war and peace epic... well you get the idea) post tommorrow regarding a chair I made over for my little princess Lily